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Baci di Dama – Italian hazelnuts cookies

Baci di dama – Italian hazelnuts cookies with Nutella filling are fantastic. These cookies literally melt-in-your-mouth.

Welcome to another delicious recipe for Italian cookies. They are easy to make and they are super easy to eat. Packed with grinded hazelnuts and filled with creamy Nutella. These cute little sandwich cookies are a must to make for everybody whole loves hazelnuts and chocolate!

Baci di dama - Italian hazelnuts cookies

My cousin Monika spent years in Italy. When I saw her couple of years ago, she brought these cookies , and I was gone…..I was so embarrassed as I could not stop eating them, haha. She kindly gave me the recipe that she got from her Italian friend and now I am sharing this recipe with you guys. Hope you enjoy it!

My cousin said that the name Baci di Dama means “lady’s kisses” as the two halves of the cookies resemble lips that just wait for the perfect kiss! Hmm, only Italians could come up with such a great name for a cookie. Apparently Italian people love to kiss and do other things – this is what my cousin Monika told me.

Baci di dama - Italian hazelnuts cookies

How to make Baci di Dama – Italian hazelnuts cookies?

The whole process is very easy, you need to add all the ingredients into a bowl until a cookie dough forms. Then place it if the fridge for an hour. Then you have to portion cookie dough into small balls and bake it for about 16 minutes until golden. Then let cookies to cool down and then pipe Nutella on a cookie and place second cookie on top.

Baci di dama - Italian hazelnuts cookies

Tips to make these wonderful cookies

  1. If you struggle to buy hazelnut flour, you can use whole hazelnuts and grind them into a blender. I would not be bothered to blanch my hazelnuts before grinding them. In my opinion the hazelnut skins add a beautiful speckles to these cookies. When you are grinding your nuts, please do not over process them as they will turn into an oily paste.
  2. If you can, use a kitchen scale to portion your cookie dough. It will help to maintain a consistent weight and shape. I got 42 sandwich cookies. You can make your cookies even smaller or bigger.
  3. These cookies will not spread much so there is no need to leave a lot of space between your cookie dough portions.
  4. After cookies are baked, they are very fragile. Use a spatula to move them to a cooling rack.
Baci di dama - Italian hazelnuts cookies

Baci di Dama – Italian hazelnuts cookies are very easy to make and the flavour is marvelous. Hazelnuts and chocolate married in a cute little sandwich cookies. I hope you will give it a go!

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Recipe source – my cousin Monika

Buon appetito!

Baci di Dama – Italian hazelnuts cookies

Melt in your mouth Italian hazelnut sandwich cookies with Nutella filling.

Prep Time 20 mins Cook Time 16 mins Rest Time 60 mins Total Time 1 hr 36 mins Difficulty: Beginner Cooking Temp: 160  °C Servings: 42 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year



  1. Prepare 2 baking sheets and line them with parchment paper, set aside.

  2. If you are using whole blanched hazelnuts, just whiz them up in a food processor until they resemble flour or tiny breadcrumbs. Do not blend the nuts too long as they will turn into paste - which we do not want.

  3. In a medium bowl add together all the ingredients (apart from Nutella) and mix until a cookie dough forms.

  4. Wrap your cookie dough in a cling film and place it in a fridge for an hour.

  5. When the dough is ready, preheat the oven to 160C Fan.

  6. Using a spoon or your fingers scoop the dough into 15 grams balls ( I always use kitchen scale to have consistent weight and size of my cookies) and place them on prepared baking sheets.  Place them around 1,5 cm apart. Cookies will do not spread much.

  7. Bake cookies for 16 min, until golden.

  8. Remove from the oven and gently place cookies on a cooling rack. Let the cookies cool down completely.

  9. Place pipping nozzle in a pipping bag. Spoon Nutella inside the bag and pipe it on a cookie. Put other cookie no top. Refrigerate.

  10. Store cookies in a fridge for up to a week.

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