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No-bake Scottish millionaire’s caramel slice

This is the best recipe for no-bake Scottish millionaire’s caramel slice  A layer of digestive biscuits, homemade caramel and silky milk chocolate ganache.

If you ask any Scottish person what would their last meal be, 98% would say millionaire’s caramel slice. I am not joking! I would even call caramel slice the National Treasure of Scotland as everybody loves it!

When I tried it for the first time 7 years ago, I thought it was nice but was not overly impressed. It was too sweat and after one bite I had enough. Still, I think this dessert is sugar overload but my family loves it, so here it is. My version of this Scottish classic.

No-bake Scottish millionaire's caramel slice

How to make no-bake Scottish millionaire’s caramel slice?

Cookie layer: I have added cookies into a food processor and turned them into fine crumbs. Then mixed them with melted butter. Nothing too difficult. Next I have transferred the cookie crumbs to a baking tin and pressed it firmly. Placed the tin in the fridge.

Caramel layer: When making caramel layer, make sure you have all the ingredients ready. This caramel is based on condensed milk so it is not very technical, but you need to remember few things:

  1. Cook caramel on a medium heat and then after 10 minutes on a low heat.
  2. You have to stir caramel constantly, otherwise it will burn. The best utensil to use for stirring is a spatula with a square finish. It will reach the bottom of the pot perfectly and prevent burning.
  3. Use bigger pot for making caramel. The ingredients will bubble a lot.
  4. Making caramel takes time as sugar needs to come to a high temperature to thicken. It should reach a soft ball stage , which is 112-116C degrees. I recommend investing in a good kitchen thermometer. If you do not have a thermometer, you have to watch your caramel. When caramel thickens, the bubbles will become bigger. You will notice that it will start to coat your spatula. This is the sign that caramel is ready. It usually takes me 15 minutes to make this caramel. Please notice that if you cook your caramel too long, it will become hard.
No-bake Scottish millionaire's slice

Chocolate layer: In fact this is a chocolate ganache layer. I think that this no-bake Scottish millionaire’s caramel slice tastes better when it has a softer chocolate bite. The only thing I have done, I warmed up cream and mixed it with a finely chopped chocolate.

Now, the last task I have done was pouring caramel on a cookie layer and then added chocolate ganache. Of course, I let my caramel cool down before I added it to the baking tin.

Then I had to wait for the whole thing to set in the fridge. The toughest part!

No-bake Scottish millionaire's caramel slice

How to store no-bake Scottish millionaire’s caramel slice?

Store your caramel slice in the fridge for up to a week. You can also freeze it for up to 3 months.

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Recipe source – my own.


No-bake Scottish millionaire’s caramel slice

A quick version of indulgent caramel slice - A layer of digestive biscuits, homemade caramel and silky milk chocolate ganache.

Prep Time 40 mins Rest Time 180 mins Total Time 3 hrs 40 mins Difficulty: Intermediate Servings: 20 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Biscuit layer

Caramel layer

Chocolate layer


Making biscuit layer

  1. Prepare a cake tin 20cm x30cm ( I used square).Grease it and line it with baking paper.

  2. Crush biscuits into a fine crumb using a food processor or rolling pin and a bag.

  3. Melt butter and add it to crushed biscuits, Spoon the mixture to the cake tin, spread it evenly and press firmly.

  4. Place it in the fridge.

Making caramel layer

  1. Add all the ingredients into a medium size pot and using a square spatula, mix all the ingredients well.  Cook it on the medium flame. Stir constantly making sure that you reach edges of the pot as well to avoid burning.

  2. You should be stirring for about 8-10 minutes min until the mixture starts to thicken. Please be aware that caramel is VERY hot and under no condition you should taste it while it is hot! It needs a lot of time to cool down. Caramel will get thicker and you will notice that bubbles will get bigger as well. You should be aiming to cook your caramel to a soft ball stage 112C - 116C degrees. Please remember if you cook your caramel for too long it will get hard.

  3. When caramel is ready, let it cool in the pot and after about 15 min pour it over the biscuit base. Spread with spatula if necessary. Let it cool in a room temperature and transfer to the fridge.

Making chocolate ganache layer

  1. Chop chocolate into fine pieces and transfer it to the bowl.

  2. In a small pot heat up the cream until it is just about to boil. Do not boil! Pour it over chopped chocolate. Stir very thoroughly. In this step you need to stir, stir, stir and be patient as you do not want to end up with lumps.

  3. When chocolate is ready, pour it over cooled caramel and spread all over. Let it cool in room temperature and transfer the tin to the fridge for at least 5 hours.

  4. When cooled enough, remove from the tin and cut as you wish.

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