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Homemade Italian cannoli

Flaky and wonderful homemade Italian cannoli – cannoli shells filled with light and creamy ricotta and cream filling.

Are you looking to impress your friends & family??? Or, maybe you want to seduce your partner???

Whatever it is, I have an amazing recipe for you that will definitely help your cause – recipe for the best homemade Italian cannoli!! This classic Italian dessert is to die for and definitely has a wow factor.

Crunchy and flaky homemade Italian cannoli shells filled with light and fluffy and creamy ricotta filling flavoured with candied orange peel and decorated with dark chocolate chips and chopped pistachios. I mean, who does not like cannoli??!

Homemade Italian cannoli

How to make homemade Italian cannoli?

In order to make this wonderful dessert you need a cannoli shell and a cannoli filling.

You can find recipe for homemade cannoli shells on my blog. They are the crispiest and the most delicate cannoli shells with lots of airy bubbles. I would recommend to make the shells in advance. Just to save to stress of making everything in one day.

My recipe for the cannoli filling is fluffy and light. I basically mixed ricotta cheese and vanilla extract first to loosen it up. Then I have added sugar and finely chopped orange peel. Then I have added cream and mix until combined. I piped my filling inside cannoli shell and added chocolate chips and chopped pistachios. Sprinkling extra powder sugar is optional but I like the white dusty look.

Homemade Italian cannoli

Tips to make the best homemade Italian cannoli.

  1. Make you r cannoli shells in advance.
  2. Fill the shells just before you want to serve cannoli to your guests to avoid soggy shells.
  3. Use homemade candied orange peel if you can. If you are using candied orange peel from the shop, please taste it before adding to the filling. Personally I have not found candied orange peel in any shop that does not taste disgusting, this is why I make my own.
  4. Cannoli tastes the best when it is fresh, this is why I only fill as many cannoli as I need in a given moment.
Homemade Italian cannoli

This recipe for homemade Italian cannoli will help you to create the lightest, the fluffiest and the most succulent cannoli ever. Every bite will give you an awesome melt-in-your-mouth sensation and you will be dreaming about cannoli all day and all night!

Homemade Italian cannoli

This classic Italian dessert will be a total show stopper, as it is not only amazingly tasty but also looks soooo pretty! The golden shells, the light green pistachios, shiny and brown chocolate and snow white ricotta filling. The sprinkle of pure white icing sugar adds the final touch to this alluring creation.

Homemade Italian cannoli

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I hope you will make my recipe and if you do, please leave a comment below and let me know your feedback. You can also find me on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Gab and Gettr. Please say hi and do not forget to tag me in if you make my recipe. I love seeing your creations.

Recipe source – my own.

Buon Appetito!

Homemade Italian cannoli

Flaky and wonderful cannoli shells filled with light and creamy ricotta and cream filling.

Prep Time 30 mins Rest Time 20 mins Total Time 50 mins Difficulty: Intermediate Servings: 30 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Cannoli shells

Ricotta cannoli filling



Cannoli shells

  1. In a medium bowl add ricotta cheese and vanilla and mix for a minute or two.

  2. Add powdered sugar and candied orange peel and mix.

  3. Add cream and mix together until the cream is whipped and combined with ricotta. Do not mix for too long as you may overmix the cream and the filling will be lumpy.

  4. Transfer filling into a piping bag and fill each cannoli.

  5. Add chocolate chips and pistachios on the both ends of cannoli.

  6. Serve right away.

  7. IMPORTANT! Cannoli taste the best on the same they are made, if you leave filled cannoli for longer than a day the shells will become soggy.

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